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Cappadocia is special and unique for its unlike landscapes and nature. These aspects gives also wonderful hiking trails in Cappadocia for trekking, which also includes the magnificent Red Valley hike. Five Days Hiking Tour is a Cappadocia Package Hike Tour that includes transfers, hotel and five days hike tour. Hike through Cappadocia's unique landscapes and let its nature amaze you  with the Cappadocia Five Days Hiking Tour.

Five Days Hiking Tour Rotation;

☞ First Day Rotation: Red Valley – Güllüdere Valley – Çavuşin Village – Paşabağı – Zelve Valley

☞ Second Day Rotation: Kaymaklı Underground – Ihlara Valley – Belisırma Village – Selime Village

☞ Third Day Rotation: Uçhisar Castle – Pigeon Valley – Göreme – Love Valley

☞ Fourth Day Rotation: Çat Valley – Gülşehir – Avanos

☞ Fifth Day Rotation: Göreme – Sinasos – Gomeda Valley – Ürgüp


First Day Tour plan;

✔ To start this tour you will need to take the late evening flight to Kayseri Airport before the tour day.

✔ Meskendir Valley is the first hike location with a perfect hiking trail beside stone carved churches.

✔ Red Valley, an enchanted location with glamorous scenery and refreshing atmosphere to have relaxing hike.

✔ Güllüdere Valley, one of the favorite trekking locations. With a hiking trail at the foot of Bozdağ between Fairy Chimneys, almond and apricot trees.

✔ Çavuşin is the location to have lunch. After lunch Çavuşin Ruins will be the visit place.

✔ Paşabağı the Valley of Priests is the next location to have a hike between varied formations of Fairy Chimneys and history to Zelve Valley.

✔ Zelve Valley, the last hike location between several stone-carved churches and Fairy Chimneys.

✔ Transfer to your hotel.


İkinci Gün Tur Planı;

✔ After you are picked up from your hotel the Kaymaklı Underground City will be the first visitation place. Kaymaklı Underground City, is one of the biggest underground city in Cappadocia. An underground city with eight layers of depth.

✔ Ihlara Valley, a canyon valley shaped by the eruption of Hasandağ and the strong stream of Melendiz River with a refreshing ambiance. After a seven kilometers of hiking you will reach Belisırma Village.

✔ Belisırma Village, a beautiful lunch location in nature.

✔ After lunch you will have a seven kilometers hike to Selime Village to end the second day tour.

✔ Transfer to your Hotel.

Üçüncü Gün Tur Planı;

✔ After your breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel to visit Uçhisar Castle. One of the highest historical places in Cappadocia where you can observe Cappadocia from above, and to begin your hike to Pigeon Valley.

 Pigeon Valley a beautiful location with a unique nature and history.

 From Pigeon Valley to Göreme a four to five kilometers hiking is made to have lunch at Göreme.

✔ From Göreme you will have a five kilometers hike in the mesmerizing Love Valley to reach Çavuşin.

✔ By reaching Çavuşin at the third day you will complete your Cappadocia Three Days Hike Tour.

✔ Transfer to your Hotel.

Dördüncü Gün Tur Planı;

✔ After you are picked from your Hotel the hiking will start from Çat Valley.

✔ From Çat Valley the hike will continue until you have reached Gülşehir. During the hike you will see historical churches and caves which almost is like an open-air museum, the hike is about four to five kilometers.

✔ When you have reached Gülşehir you will visit The Saint-Jean Church.

✔ Avanos will be the location for lunch and a city trip.

✔ Transfer to hotel.

Fifth Day Tour Plan;

✔ Göreme Open Air Museum is the first visitation location after you are picked from your hotel.

✔ In the continuation of your tour you will head to Sinasos to have lunch. Sinasos is an ancient Greek settlement with historical architecture.

✔ After lunch you will have hike from Gomeda Valley to Ürgüp’s main street.

✔ Transfer to hotel.

Sixth Day Plan;

 Airport transfer.

Equipment required;

- This tour is suited for everyone accept toddlers. The hiking tempo depends on the participants physical condition.Hiking tours can be made every day during the year.

Hikers need:

    ⌲ Good trekking foot-wear

    ⌲ Backpack

    ⌲ Comfortable clothing suitable for the season

    ⌲ Sunglasses, hat, sun cream, lip balm, Water for hydration


  • Hike Travel Guide
  • Vehicle where needed during the hike tour
  • Hotel(Sharing a double room) -Bed & Breakfast
  • Private Airport Transfer both Way
  • Kişisel harcamalar
  • International & Domestic Flights
  • Müze Giriş Ücretleri
  • Dinner
  • Öğle Yemeği
  • Vergi

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