Know Cappadocia Better 2023- Know More

Know These Before a Cappadocia Trip

In this article we will answer the most asked questions while giving some tips for you to know Cappadocia better.

Cappadocia is a wonderful and majestic touristic location with its every aspect from its landscapes, history, culture and people.

Where is Cappadocia located?

Cappadocia is in the Center Anatolia region in Turkey. The borders of Cappadocia are between Kırşehir the north side, Niğde the south side, Kayseri in the west side and Aksaray in the east side. The center of Cappadocia is Nevşehir.

How to get to Cappadocia?

To get to Cappadocia you can take an exterior or interior flight to Kayseri Erkilet Airport Turkey from any airport. If you are already in Turkey you can also prefer to take a bus ticket to Nevşehir.

What should l expect to see in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is known and famous for its unlike nature created by volcanic eruptions and harsh environmental conditions thousands of years ago. These magnificent creations by nature are Fairy Chimneys, diverse rock formations, caves and beautiful valleys.

How was Cappadocia formed?

The formation of Cappadocia is stated to be about 60 million years ago. The most striking ones between these formations are the Fairy Chimneys. The Cappadocia region was an inland sea at first, with the eruptions of surrounding volcanoes Cappadocia began to dry and started to form tuff formations which are rocks mainly made of lava and ash. These surrounding volcanoes are Mt. Erciyes, Mt. Hasan and Mt. Güllüdağ. With the interaction of harsh environmental conditions like intense winds, floods and rain over millions of years these tuff rocks began to shape into valleys, caves and Fairy Chimneys caused by erosions. The best places to see Fairy Chimneys are Göreme, Uçhisar and Ürgüp.

When was Cappadocia discovered?

Cappadocia hosted many civilizations through time periods, which are known by the names of various states, societies and important people. The history of Cappadocia dates way back to BC, it goes back to Assyrian trade colonies and Hittites who lived in 3000 BC. Cappadocia can be examined in three main periods, the paleolithic, neolithic and ancient periods are the part of the first period. The second period is the Roman and Byzantine period and last period is the Turkish period.

When to visit Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is located in The Central Anatolia Region due to every season can be experienced clearly. Cappadocia has a different beauty in every season. Cappadocia can be visited every season during the year. Cappadocia is mostly crowded between March and June, after the heat in July and August the visitations start to rise from September to December.

Testi kebabi

Suggestions for Cappadocia

Cappadocia has a lot to offer for its visitors. At this article we will give answers and tips for certain questions to enhance your Cappadocia experience.

Why is Cappadocia famous?

Cappadocia is famous for its unique tuff rock formations named Fairy Chimneys, a natural formation without any resemblance on Earth. Cappadocia is a magical location with its every aspect.

Where to stay in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia has beautiful accommodation locations like Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar and Avanos where you can watch balloon flights in the early morning or to have beautiful sceneries from your hotels. There are 3 types of hotels in Cappadocia, the modern type, historical type and cave type. Modern-type hotels are mostly luxurious 5-star hotels built with modern construction materials. The historical type hotels are authentic hotels restored and renovated from old houses used by the locals centuries ago. The last and most unique hotel type is the cave type, hotels which are built into naturally formed tuff rocks.

What to eat in Cappadocia?

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Suggestions for Cappadocia 4

Turkey is a paradise for gourmets and people who enjoy to experience different tastes. The Turkish Cuisine is very rich and varied, every region offers a different taste and delicacies. And Cappadocia isn’t any different, we already have listed the savory delicacies for you, which you should try for sure;

  ✔ Testi Kebab

   ✔ Zucchini Seed Noodles

   ✔ Yaprak Sarma

   ✔ Ürgüp Köfte

   ✔ Nevşehir and Kayseri Mantı

   ✔ Düğün Soup

   ✔ Dry Kaymak

   ✔ Dolaz

   ✔ Köftür

   ✔ Chickpea Stew

   ✔ Quince Dolma

   ✔ Zerdeli Pilav

   ✔ Zerde

   ✔ Apricot Stew

   ✔ Gendirme

Souvenirs that can be bought from Cappadocia?

Cappadocia has gifts for everyone and everything. And some gifts can be taken home for decoration or for your loved ones. These gifts can be;

  ✔ Items with Onyx Stones

   ✔ Handmade Pottery

   ✔ Miniature Fairy Chimneys

   ✔ Exquisite Wines

   ✔ Woven Cappadocian Carpets

   ✔ Artistic Ceramic Items

   ✔ Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

   ✔ Handmade Shoes

   ✔ Zultanite Jewelry

   ✔ Handmade Exotic Items and Accessories

Travel Tips

Travel Tips For Turkey 2023

Travel Tips for Turkey

A comprehensive travel guide to one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Discover the rich culture, history and beauty of Turkey through our travel tips. The best places to visit in Turkey are home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. Learn about history and nature in many cities, from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Turkey is one of the East Mediterranean’s most enjoyable and affordable destinations. The country has much to offer in terms of history, culture, architecture, outdoor activities and scenery. Spotting the latest archaeological discovery or visiting a cave church are just two ways you can escape the modern world at home while discovering a world filled with natural beauty, including endless coastline and dramatic landscapes.

Best Holiday Destinations in Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Kapalıçarşı, Sultanahmet Mosque, Asos, Yanartaş(Chimera), Pamukkale, Cappadocia are just examples of some of the spectacular places you can visit in Turkey where tourism is linked both in Asia and Europe. You can enjoy both history and nature at the same time in a Turkey vacation.

Important Travel Destinations for Tourists

⇒ ⇒ Istanbul, if you want to have an all in one holiday İstanbul is your first route.

⇒ ⇒ Marmaris, a budget friendy location surrounded in golden beaches and clear blue seas.

⇒ ⇒ Cappadocia, a remarkable location with its rich history, culture and nature unlike anything you have seen before specially the famous Fairy Chimneys.

⇒ ⇒ The Nemrut Mountain in Adıyaman with gigantic statues straight out of tale.

⇒ ⇒ Göbeklitepe in Şanlıurfa, where you can see the oldest relics and settlements on Earth.

⇒ ⇒ Fethiye, Antalya, Bodrum are the locations where you can stay in ultra luxurious hotels, enjoy both the sun and sea.

Things to do in Turkey

⇒ ⇒ Turkish Bath

⇒ ⇒ Shopping in Kapalıçarşı

⇒ ⇒ Nemrut sunset

⇒ ⇒ Çoruh River rafting

⇒ ⇒ Turkish Night Show

⇒ ⇒ Fethiye & Cappadocia paragliding

⇒ ⇒ Cappadocia Balloon Tour

⇒ ⇒ Konya-Nevşehir Whirling Dervish Show

⇒ ⇒ Aegean Blue Cruise

⇒ ⇒ Kaş Scuba Diving

Turkish Cuisine Destinations for Gourmet

⇒ ⇒ Prepare yourself to put a few pounds. Turkey is the home of desserts with sherbet, well seasoned meat with different kinds of spices and pastries. Turkey is specially famous for its street delicacies like döner and kebab.

Locations with its delicacies;


Homeland of the famous dessert Baklava. The chosen city with the title “Most Creative City” given by UNESCO in the gastronomy field due to its famous kebabs and desserts.


Istanbul provides everything from famous cuisines in the finest Turkish restaurants to tatsty street delicacies against the Bosphorus.

The Blacksea Region

A region famous for its recipies with corns and fish, the locals can make thousands of different recipies only using these two ingredients. Specially bread with corn flour, hamsi rice are the most known delicacies.


A rival location in terms of street delicacies with famous seafood restaurants and costermongers.


⇒ ⇒ The one and only place where you can enjoy the legendary Iskender Kebab.

The South-Eastern Anatolia Region

⇒ ⇒ The Region famous for all kinds of Kebabs. Adana, Urfa, Diyarbakır, Mardin are the mainly known locations.

The East Anatolia Region

⇒ ⇒ The go to location for tasty, refreshing cheese and breakfasts.

Food for Vegans and Vegetarians

⇒ ⇒ There are plenty of recipes for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy.

Is Turkey safe to Travel?

Holidays in Turkey are safe and enjoyable. Of course some unpleasant situations can happen in every country, but these problems will never happen in Turkey as long as you visit places with good reviews and high popularity.