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Experience the beauty of Cappadocia by visiting its most popular attractions like Goreme Open Air Museum, Underground City, Avanos, Fairy Chimneys, and Ihlara Valley. Discover the best places to visit at Two Days in Cappadocia tour. The travellers will join the Red Tour and Green Tour to see the most sightseeing in The Two Days in Cappadocia Tour. It includes airport transfer by a shuttle service, two days of Cappadocia tours, and fascinating two nights of accommodation in a charming double room with breakfast and a great view of Cappadocia. If you plan to visit Cappadocia and have only two days, you want to see the most important attractions, history, unique formations and beautiful scenery. Don't miss the opportunity to fully experience Cappadocia with The Two Days in Cappadocia package.

If you have your own plans and idea about your trip, we ask you to contact us in this case to design your unique tour itinerary.

How many days in Cappadocia are enough?

Certainly, Cappadocia does not end with a visit in a few days, so we say that it is possible to travel with the best results and see many must-see places according to how many days you have in hand. It allows you to see many places in one day tour, but also allows you to see many places in a 2-day tour. If you absolutely want to participate in a hot air balloon tour, so you should prefer a minimum of 2 days of Cappadocia tours, it will be completely enough.


  • Shuttle Service from / to Airport Kayseri or Nevşehir
  • Knowledgeable Travel Guide in Turkish & English
  • Lunch
  • Museum Entrance Fees
  • 2 Nights accommodation in Cappadocia
  • 2 Days group tour Red and Green
  • Transportation with A/C Vehicle during the Tour
  • Налог
  • Personal expenses
  • Beverages at lunch

Tour Plan

Shuttle from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia

-After a late flight to Kayseri Airport the travellers will be transfered to their hotel in Cappadocia from Kayseri by our shuttle service.

-One night stay at the hotel.

First Tour Day(Green Tour)

-The travellers will join The Green Tour at their second day of arrival.

Cappadocia Green Tour Itinerary:

On Cappadocia Green Tour you will start to visit the following places after you are picked up from your hotel at 9.30-10.00am.

Green Tour Highlights;

♦Derinkuyu or Kaymaklı

On Green Tour you will dive into an astonishing large and deep Underground City to see into the historical lifestyle of the people who have been living undeground. These underground cities are eight layers deep into the ground and was able to uphold five thousand people.

♦Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley is Cappadocia’s Great Canyon with refreshing ambiance and greenery. At Ihlara Valley you will have a relaxing and soothing 4 kilometers hike close by The Melendiz River with its fascinating green atmosphere.

♦Belisırma Village

Belisırma will be the location where you will have lunch at a local restaurant close by The Melendiz River with natural sounds and ambiance.

♦Selime Village

Selime Village is a village with an old Byzantian Christian Monastery named Selime Monastery. After this visit you will be dropped off to your hotel in Cappadocia.

Second Tour Day(RedTour)

-The travellers will join The Red Tour at their third day of arrival.

On Cappadocia Red Tour you will start to visit the following places after you are picked up from your hotel at 9.30-10.00am.

Red Tour Highlights;


Devrent Valley also known as Imagination Valley, where you can resemble the naturelly shaped rock formations into figurines depending on your imagination.


Paşabağları Valley is the next stop, also known as the Valley of the Priests. You will get to see the priests past lifestyle and the remains between dense, various formations of Fairy Chimneys.


During your journey in Cappadocia, you will see amazing Pottery works from Ceramics in many places. On this Tour, you will go down to the source of this artistic work in Avanos. In a Pottery Workshop in Avanos a demonstration awaits you about how this artistic work is made. After the demo you will get the chance to do your own creation. Afterwards this entertaining event you will have lunch in a local restaurant.


Göreme Open Air Museum, one of Cappadocia's must-see historical museum will be your next visit point. You can examine the best examples of Byzantine rock art, carved churches with well preserved frescoes and wall painting from 10th till 13th centuries at Göreme Open Air Museum.


It is time to enjoy the nature with an amazing panorama in Esentepe, which reveals the magnificent panorama view of Göreme Town and you will find time to take pictures of this one in a lifetime view for your personal Cappadocia holiday album.


You will go to the Uchisar Castle Panorama, which is historically stated as the highest Rock Castle of Cappadocia and was once used by the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans as a place of hiding and protection. After visiting Uchisar Castle Panorama you will be dropped off to your hotel in Cappadocia.

-After the tour ends you will be transfered from Cappadocia to Kayseri Airport for your late flight by our shuttle service.

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